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Are you saddened and frustrated by the defensiveness and disconnect in your relationship with your partner?​

  • Do you sometimes feel hurt (or hurtful) when you started out with a need for togetherness?

Do your attempts to fix things often leave you with unfulfilled needs, and an unstable peace?

  • ​Would you like to have meaningful conversations that enhance mutual understanding, but end up arguing, yet again, about pains from the past?

​Do you threaten to stop caring, but deep down yearn for that person you still love?

  • ​Has sexual intimacy been replaced with sexual frustration, hurt and confusion?

​One of my specialties is working with couples and individuals who are on rocky ground in their relationships. We all struggle to find comfort, closeness and companionship with those we love. We can be thrown off by skewed expectations and assumptions, roles that don’t work, complex histories that negatively or positively affect us, sexual intimacy concerns, ineffective and inflammatory communication styles, and other issues with powerful impact. It can feel overwhelming and discouraging, filling us with self-doubt and the need to blame.

​I've found that striving to understand intents and needs of my clients, building a meaningful dynamic of our own design, exploring expectations and assumptions of roles and relevant histories, as well as settling on respectful, effective and encouraging communication styles is a powerful template on which to develop the tools to heal the hurts in my client’s relationships. When needed, I also use EMDR to change mistaken understandings from the past. Through talking, laughing, and sometimes tearful moments, I help my clients develop insight, emotional awareness, and behavioral changes that will give them opportunities for enhanced understanding, and the repair and resolution of their conflicts.

Couples ~

Ellen Walters MFT